Episode 299: Building a Long and Successful Career in Television with Kaye Adams

Achieving longevity in a career takes more than simply going to the office every day. It requires doing what you love and genuinely loving what you do. This enables a person to learn and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the business industry.

In this episode, we present another special talk between Adam Stott and Kaye Adams, which was recorded at a recent Gold Circle event. Kaye Adams shares her experience in the television industry and offers advice for business owners looking to leverage media opportunities. Kaye touches on the importance of being able to adapt and change in one’s career, particularly in the television industry where careers are quite uncertain.

Kaye advises young people to take risks and pursue their goals even if they don’t feel completely ready, as this can lead to greater success in the long run. By learning from her experiences, accepting failures, and adjusting her approach, she has found success and longevity in her career. In the latter part of the episode, you will also hear an insightful Q&A with Gold Circle members.

Kaye Adams gained fame in being a part of the ITV talk show, Loose Women and The Circle. Kaye has also been part of various TV shows with BBC. She has a book called STILL HOT! which features 42 true menopause stories. Kaye is also a BBC Scotland Radio Talk Show host named after her, The Kaye Adams Show.

Show Highlights:

  • Kaye’s experience landing an interview with Margaret Thatcher
  • Conversation with her daughter about success and happiness
  • How to handle rejection and failure properly
  • The key to achieving longevity regardless of what career an individual chooses
  • The difference between maintaining large profit margins versus making a business grow
  • Kaye’s memorable experiences being part of Lose Women

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