Episode 307: Lessons in Leadership with Kevin Gaskell

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, effective leadership is crucial for success. It requires not only the ability to inspire and motivate teams but also the skill to navigate through challenges and drive growth. Kevin Gaskell, a renowned leader who has led iconic brands, has mastered the art of leadership. With a track record of turning around struggling companies and creating billions of pounds worth of shareholder value, Gaskell’s insights and experiences offer valuable lessons for leaders at all levels.

Kevin Gaskell shares his journey from being an engineer to being a leader of global brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, and BMW. Kevin emphasizes the importance of passion in leadership and highlights the key principles of his leadership philosophy: commit, connect, and create. He also discusses the concept of a thousand-day plan and the significance of engaging and inspiring teams to achieve extraordinary results.

Leaders must adapt and continuously learn to stay ahead as the business landscape continues to evolve. By embracing these leadership principles, leaders can navigate through challenges, inspire their teams, and drive long-term success.

Kevin ‘The Business Fixer’ Gaskell, a serial entrepreneur, author, and adventurer, is a renowned leadership expert who has transformed iconic brands such as Porsche, BMW, and Lamborghini. He has founded start-ups, led turnarounds, and driven major brands in various sectors, creating over $5 billion in shareholder value and winning global and national awards. In addition to his business achievements, he has climbed Everest, played international cricket, and set a new world record for the fastest row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2020. He will attempt the world record for crossing the Pacific in 2024.

Show Highlights:

  • Kevin’s journey from civil engineer to CEO of Porsche and BMW
  • Kevin’s leadership principles: commit, connect, create
  • Importance of leading oneself first and being passionate
  • The concept of a thousand-day and a hundred-day plan
  • Why leaders need to engage the team and act on their ideas
  • Importance of breaking down goals into days and involving teams

Get to know more about Kevin Gaskell by visiting his website at kevingaskell.com

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