Episode 182 – How To Gain A Positive Outlook

Whether or not there is a lockdown, staying in a positive mindset has more benefits than you can think of especially this new year, 2021. The year that gave us a lot of challenges is finally over and it’s now upon us to have a positive outlook so we can attract the success that we want this new year. In this episode, Adam Stott tells us how we can have a positive outlook despite the lockdown which can also apply in the year 2021.

Show Highlights:

  • Having a positive mindset
  • Keeping away from negative stuff that can be distracting for us who wants a positive outlook
  • Search for possibilities and opportunities in this crisis
  • Develop something new or complete the thing that you have started whether in business or a hobby
  • Get a breathe of fresh air

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Hello everybody and welcome. Tonight we’re going to be talking about how to keep a positive mindset during lockdown. Make sure as you come on the line tonight, you say hello. You tell us how you’re doing; you tell us how things are going. So what I want to do is just share with you some of the things that we certainly do to keep our mindset positive during this time for us we’re obviously in events business, so we’re in the events business we hold events. We’re used to being around people, we love working with people, we love working with people directly and seeing them grow.

Of course, that business has been badly impacted in terms of our ability to go out there and run these events and meet people the normal way that we do. However, we’ve obviously embraced online or we’ve been super busy with working with people online and changing the things we do, and then actually it’s a really there’s a lot of reasons to be super positive right now, or wherever you are, within your business and I think what’s really important is that we tap into these and I was speaking yesterday about understanding and seeing the opportunity for you and your business.

But tonight I wanted to share with you just a few things to kind of keep your mindset on track and some of the things that you can be doing to actually get yourself a stronger mentality. During this time which of course is difficult for a lot of people. Where I kind of want to start from is, I want to start on that mindset, that positivity mindset. And for me, during the last lockdown, I was really focused on is I made sure that every single day, no matter what, I made it a complete habit that I was feeding my mind every single day and I was listening to something positive.

Right now, out there right now. And if you turn the TV on and we can see a lot of the time is negative stuff. You got negative news going on, you got this going on, you got that going on that can be very distracting. And we see the reality, if we can tap into the positivity and actually see that right now, there is some opportunity out there for every single one of you. There are a lot of opportunities for business out there, businesses out there right now. If you start to look at this differently, you look at first of all is that it’s a different market place.

Right now, what’s going on in the world right now is that there’s a different marketplace out there and the marketplace now is dictated by there’s a lot of people at home. There are a lot of people out there that are looking to have more conversations. You’ve heard all about social distancing probably so it’s come out your ears and you just like, 02:19 can’t take it you know, maybe in that mentality right, which I totally agree with. And the reason that people are probably in that mentality is telling people to socially distance is tending to go against their very human nature which is to build connections with people and to have conversations with people and to be socially aware. And when you take that away from someone you really impact them.

So the first thing, there’s a few things that you should absolutely be doing especially if you’re a business owner right now is you should be using this opportunity as a business owner to go out there and find your voice and share your message and speak to more people. Some of you be like “Adam I haven’t got message and I can’t speak to more people because you know the things that I talk about no one wants to hear about”. That’s kind of what we hear all the time, but the reality of there is absolutely there’s people that want to hear about what you’ve got to say, there’s absolutely people that want to hear about your message that want to hear about your business.

If you go and you tap into that and you start educating, you start sharing and you start sharing your experience and talking about what it is you do and how you do it and educating people in that area, you’ve got an absolute idle opportunity right now to go out and build your brand in a bigger way and to connect with more people in a bigger way. And if you do that and you start to find your voice and you start to share your message, you’re going to see much more of an impact. I think that’s really important.

I would like to see, you know, one of the things that I would say to many of you, is there’s a lot of negativity out there, and you should really be looking to feed your mind every single day and this is something I learned quite a few years ago is that you know what goes in, they say what goes in what do they say, when you what you put in your mind what goes in, they say must come out.  The reality is what goes in stays in. And if you put the wrong stuff in, it’s going to stay in your mind, it’s going to swirl around in your mind that it’s going to make you feel negative and it’s going to neg you out.

So we want to avoid that as much as possible. We want to make sure that what we’re putting in our mind is going to put us in a positive state is going to put us in this mentality where we actually feel in a good place where we feel motivated, where we feel confident, where we feel like we can complete things and we can go out there and complete challenges. So I would recommend that every single day you’re listening something that’s going to be upbeat, listen to some is going to keep you positive and if you’re not really a traditionally a personal development type person, you know obviously I recommend you get into it but let’s say that you’re not the listeners and positive music you know getting music on. Get yourself in a place where you start to feel more positive, and you feel more productive and I promise you, that’s going to go a little bit way to drowning out the noise and negativity which is out there right now.

So if you spot the opportunity and you feed your mind with positivity every day. What you’re gonna see is you’re gonna start to see yourself coming around to the fact that there is opportunity out there, the time actually is now the time is now to go and build your brand. The time is now to find your voice. The time is now to go out there and start to develop something that you’ve not had the time to develop in the past. To complete that project that you’ve been trying to avoid for God knows how long you know the time is now to, you know, bring your energy to go and complete and do something new. And if you get that positive reinforcement every single day that’s going to motivate you that’s gonna keep you positive, it’s going to keep you pushing forward, you know, whatever medium it is right now.

They say the money’s tight for you or whatever it might be, even if you’re in that circumstance where there’s tons of podcasts out there right, you can listen to that are full of educational stuff. If it isn’t, then you might want to do is get some coaching right now and get some help right now then you can go and complete more projects and get more stuff done and become more efficient, finally do that thing that you’ve been wanting to do because you’ve probably got time right now where you might not have had the time before and I think that’s really important. So we’re just going to take a quick look at the comments as we go and a lot of times we’re only into the first ones and I haven’t used mine feed so far.

You know, where is he need a little bit help right now, is it the you know you’ll get help your focus, is it you need your help on your discipline. Are you kind of coming back into this lockdown a little bit confused about what you should be doing, what you should be doing your business. And I think is really important that a lot of us went through this lockdown last time.If you didn’t make the changes that you should have made where you added the online elements to your business and maybe change some of the things you do in your business to keep your revenue coming in. And that’s something you absolutely must do this time round, because as much as we’re all hoping this will be over in December, and you know very much fingers crossed that nobody knows.

Even if it is, could this happen again. So right now is the time to be looking at how you can embrace online. How can you embrace meeting and talking to more people online, all of that of course is incredibly important right now. The next thing I want to say is if you’re feeding your mind, you’re keeping your mind positive. You want to look at is making sure you get some fresh air. All right, and it sounds really stupid it’s gonna sound really basic, but I think it’s really important. Whenever, sometimes, especially if you have to work from home. It’s important to go and get some fresh air, go and take that once a day and this is an ideal opportunity to actually feed your mind at the same time as you go around walking, taking the fresh air. And the reason this is important is, these times where the ideas can spark.

These times where the motivation can kind of flow into you and you’re a bit more sensitive. If you’re sitting in one room all day long, and you know you’re doing that every single day all day long and you’re not getting out you’re not getting that fresh air, and you’re not giving your, your mind the opportunity to come up with new ideas and get that going. And this is really important to make sure you go for work, you get some fresh air and you get focused because I find that every single time I do that, I get new ideas clients who are always looking forward to getting back because want to implement those things I’ve come up with and I’m keeping that positivity up. I think that’s really important.

This is the thing you know if you can go out you can exercise and even better. But the reason I say exercise is because it’s like everybody’s going oh you should really be exercising know what you’re going to do when someone tells you to exercise and you don’t usually exercise your 08:15 are going to go up straight away. You’re not going to do it.

Now the path to exercise is actually realizing, get the fresh air and start to embrace that. Get that positivity and get yourself in that really good mood, get yourself excited for what’s going on. And then you’re gonna want to do those next steps. And that’s going to flow from there, and more is going to come from that as well. So the next thing I want to say to you, which is, you know, leading on from that number free reign and actually got some banners so we can make sure you can get number one.

Number one, make sure you’re feeding your mind, how do you feed your mind? How do you feed your mind is making sure you are listening to things that is going to make sure you’re putting positivity into your mind, because what goes in stays in, if negativity goes in it stays in. We want to make sure we put positivity in so stays in you keep self-upbeat, you keep yourself in the mindset and you keep yourself pushing on, you know, that’s really important.

Next thing is fresh air, equals fresh ideas. You know I can absolutely promise you, you’re gonna get that fresh air you get flowing, you’re gonna start to get the ideas flowing, you know, and ideas of what sparks innovation in, you can start to spark a innovation, what you’re going to find is that really uplifts you and puts you in a much more positive mode and gets you really psyched up for what’s to come. And then gives you new things to work on and really helps you to kind of push forward.

Number three that I want to share with you, is you can change the environment, wherever possible look to change your environment, and I mean I know you’re talking about locks in a home I can’t change my environment, but sometimes it’s about changing the environment around your home as well. Even if you’re just moving things where you’re moving your positioning, sitting somebody else, you’ve seen somewhere different, you know, and it’s fine for the first week is fine for the second week, but by the time it comes from week three, in about time it comes to week four, you’re gonna get fed up we’re looking at the same thing.

So I encourage you to look at trying to change your environment, trying to move things around, trying to do things differently. Maybe you do calls in a different area, maybe you’re doing live videos, you do live videos in a different area.

If you’re doing Zoom calls 10:10 different error. Just trying things out, right, because, you know, normally asked exactly what you’d be doing anyway. And if you’re not doing that I think is a really good thing for you. Always remember back in the day I used to work in a lot of different sales environments and certainly when I was in the car industry. If ever I was in a rock which was very rare, but if everyone’s a little bit of a rock.

As soon as I went and swapped up a desk and set a new desk and I’ve got a new environment. And I change things up. I found very quickly at a different outlet. And I think that that can really help you. And I think it’s so something that’s very simple. It’s also something not a lot of people realize that they can actually make a really positive impact on what they do. So kind of move around, you know movement to get yourself physically going and gets you kind of motivated gets you in a different space which is really important.

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